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Roof coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. Many roof coatings are elastomeric, that is, they have elastic properties that allow them to stretch and return to their original shape without damage.


It can be possible to roughly divide roof coatings into varieties that are based on water and solvent. Coatings based on solvent like silicones and urethanes have the possibility to last for a longer time. However, they are often more expensive and need care that is greater when it comes to their application. Coatings that are water-based can generally emit less odors which is why it is preferred by universities and hospitals. These are even more affordable but they may not be able to last for a long time.


Acrylic is another kind of roof coating that is water-based which accounts for a significant share of the market. Lots of acrylic coatings can be reflective and white. They even have the tendency to become more affordable compared to other products in coating. Yet, there is a possibility for these coatings to run before they dry up so it is ideal to not apply them whenever the weather is cold.

There is a tendency for acrylic coatings to become popular in the western and southwestern states. One of the interesting applications of acrylic is found in Miami. At the building 605 Lincoln that they built in the year 1932, there was a need to maintain a roofing system that is watertight since the top floor houses the data information center. Aside from that, the roof has also been utilized as a deck so it is important for any coating to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Initially, the workers applied an acrylic system that is water-based. On top of it, they put on a couple of coats of coating that is resistant to abrasion which is designed for roof walking areas and decks which often experiences foot traffic. They applied the coating in alternating waves of white an blue which allowed the roof to not appear like a roof.


You can find asphalt coatings for the roof with aluminum in mixtures that are both water and solvent-based. These can add protection and reflectivity to the mixture.

Oftentimes, the coatings can be financially sensible if you are located in the country’s cool regions. That is because coatings that are pigmented with aluminum or with light gray colors can hold warmth and repel heat. This allows the coatings to become optimal in places that have climates that experience more heating days compared to the cooling days.


There are also versions of the silicone coatings that are non-solvent and solvent. These may be among the roof coatings that can last the longest. Aside from that, they can be great to apply in cold weather. However, it may take them a longer time to cure whenever this is the case.

Despite that, silicone still has its shortcomings. Since they are as soft as silicone spatulas, they may not be suitable for roofs that need to handle and enormous amount of maintenance work and foot traffic.

Yet, there is now a resurgence when it comes to the silicone coatings’ market because there are new silicone products that can may get applied safely and easily. Even if it has initial costs that are higher compared to the other coatings, these coatings are capable of holding up well and can eventually minimize the total cost of the life-cycle.

Aside from that, since silicone coatings are capable of resisting water in just hours after its application, they have the tendency to become popular in places that often experience rain such as the Midwest’s southern half which includes Florida.


Generally, urethane coatings are based on solvent so they have the tendency to have a higher tensile strength. Because of the molecular spring of urethane, the coatings can be both flexible and tough in resisting any abrasion.

Since urethane coatings are based on solvent, there is a possibility for them to emit odor when they get applied and become more expensive compared to the other options. Aside from being flammable, they may also need special accommodations when it comes to storage and transportation. However, urethanes are also famous for being highly durable. Because of this both urethane and silicone coatings may become more expensive compared to the other kinds of coatings.

After the coating gets in place, maintaining it can be quite straightforward. It is recommended to have the roof checked twice a year so you can clear off whatever debris that could eventually damage the coating or the roof.

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